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‘’ Review for Shadow Rising
The J.R.R. Tolkien 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy has made an impact on an awful lot of people. Generations enjoyed the books, and now new generations are enjoying the magnificent Peter Jackson films. It's only fair to announce that Soundestiny, a folk-rock outfit from down-under, are a bunch of Tolkien freaks. Maybe they don't walk around wearing costumes, but I'll wager that at least one member of this band has an authentic LOTR sword hanging on the wall.

'Shadow Rising' is inspired by the 'Ring' trilogy, but the band takes pains in their liner notes to explain that "no actual references to Tolkien characters or place-names" were made in this original recording. Instead, the songs are lyrically about rings, fiery mountains, following your heart, and similar themes. The music is a pleasant, smooooooth mixture of acoustic guitars, keyboards, and very folky sounding ensemble vocals by Elissa Maclean, Julia Lefik, Paul Lines, and (lyricist) Darryl Grant Potter. Ultimately, this CD sounds like Richard and Linda Thompson without the angst. Stand out songs include the fast-paced 'Far Away From Home', which features a clever melodic guitar introduction and a solid chorus hook, the folk-rock track 'Fiery Mountain of Doom', and the melancholy-drenched 'Wintertime'. Every song on this CD benefits from the crisp, understated production by Greg Tschernez.
'Shadow Rising' is a relaxing album that is a solid addition to any folk-rock collection.
(Review by Doug Cornell for HitSession)

‘’ Review for Shadow Rising
'Shadow Rising' is a modern rock tribute straight out of Middle-earth. Although inspired by the Lord of the Rings, this epic debut album by SOUNDESTINY makes no actual mention of Tolkien's characters or places. The entirely original lyrics and music from Soundestiny transport you into this fantasy setting and fill your heart with the adventure, drama, and romance reminiscent of this powerful saga. Stirring adventurous rock songs such as 'Far Away from Home' and 'The Land of Shadow' contrast with heartfelt ballads like 'Your Burning Love' and 'Follow Your Heart'. Guitars and keyboards combine with strong vocal harmonies and take you on a journey to a mythical land where battles are fought and hearts may be won or lost. Powerful melodies and evocative lyrics are the hallmarks of Soundestiny. If you like rock tributes, you are sure to be captivated by this dynamic musical release. 'Shadow Rising' is an album at the pinnacle of modern concept rock.

Mike Wells (Aus.Rock) Review for Journey Through Love
An exquisite album showcasing the masterful songwriting skills of Darryl Grant Potter! Once again SOUNDESTINY has produced an exquisite album that showcases the masterful song writing skills of Darryl Grant Potter and the talent of the selected musicians that comprise this refreshing and vibrant collective.  Not content to simply produce an album of love songs, SOUNDESTINY has crafted a themed collection that affords the listener a compelling journey through the multitude of emotions related to this most human condition.  If your spirits need lifting, check out the soaring guitar solo on my favourite track, I Can Never Release You.

Mike Wells (Aus.Rock) Review for Winds of Change
The long awaited second instalment of the Ringlord saga is absolutely worth the wait!
With the release of Winds of Change, the Soundestiny musical collective have completed their monumental two-part Ringlord saga, begun in 2004 with the exquisite Shadow Rising album. Winds of Change is a towering musical epic brilliantly conceived and written by master songwriter and performer Darryl Grant Potter, and recorded and produced at Rigidigital Studios - located somewhere in ‘Karandor’ in ‘Green-Haven’. It is this reviewer's fervent hope that this truely amazing two-part concept tribute album collection will serve, one day soon, as the basis for an outstanding rock-opera inspired by The Lord of the Rings. Until then, fans like myself will have to be content to check out Soundestiny's videos on Youtube to get a glimpse of the musicianship, personality, passion and humour that underpin this rising Australian folk-rock juggernaut. So good Soundestiny - I look forward to reviewing your next classic!

Lewis Kelm (music critic) Review for Dragon Quest
This album tells the whole story brilliantly.
This Hobbit-inspired album is the best by Soundestiny so far - and I have seriously loved all their work! They are absolute masters of the Neo-Celtic Folk Rock genre. Absolutely loved the Spider song and the River song. When will we see another youtube video Soundestiny?